Our goal is to increase the impact of young people in the medium and long term.

First of all, we want more young people to participate in civic processes and be able to make real decisions about our future. Currently, too many strategic decisions ignore the position of young people, and yet it is they who will most often be affected by the long-term effects.
The way to this will be the construction of youth think tanks in Europe. Three of them are already operational, and over time they will reach the regional level and gain a real impact on civic processes.

As part of our partnership of non-governmental organizations from three countries: the Czech Republic, Greece and Poland, we are looking for new solutions and educational tools, we test and implement them in cooperation with young people. We believe that for the inclusion of young people in democracy to be effective, we need to give young people both substantive and organizational issues. The results will be the best solutions for use in other European countries.
Our proposal completely changes the perspective of the current dialogue with young people. We will work on solutions in which young people decide on the directions of strategies and analyses, inviting experts and decision makers to these processes.

We’re not going to end up at the level of another theoretical solution. Our think tanks will work on specific problems from the very beginning of their construction. Youth, supported by experts, will prepare development strategies for their regions, and within the cooperation network of these organizations, for Europe.
Meet our youth

The aim of SIPE is civic education and promotion of Silesian identity.

Mosaic Minds is a dynamic and progressive youth think tank from the Czech Republic.

EmbranceAll Hub is a Greek think tank that focuses on social inclusion.

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